The Crew

Folk Music and Sea Shanties

Formed in 2009, Isle of Wight folk band The Crew produce a raw, rhythmic mixture of folk songs, sea shanties and morris tunes to get your toes

The Crew play traditional instruments - penny whistle, accordions, flute, mandolin, ukeleles, bodhrans, acoustic six string, tenor and bass guitars - while frontman Paul captains the band, commanding The Crew with his distinctive vocal take on well-known folk songs.


The Crew perform song/tune sets and ceilidh sets, or a mixture of both, and welcome audience participation.



The Crew are...

Paul Sturgess: lead vocal / accordion / uke

Alice Roberts: penny whistle

Barry Seward: guitar / mandolin / vocal

Sue Rose: accordion

Phil Young: bass guitar / vocal

Jan Young: bodhran / flute / accordion

Lindsay McComb: vocals / uke